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We welcome questions and are happy to answer! 

  1. What should I bring on my child’s first day?

    • Each age group will look slightly different in what they will need at LMMA.


•Emergency Record Card •Vaccination Record •Physical Currently within the year •Registration fee and first month’s tuition or If applicable Childcare Assistance Authorization •Enrollment Paperwork •Lunch each day. •YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON EVERY ITEM


•Seasonal Gear •Blanket •2-3 extra sets of clothes •Diapers and wipes (pull-ups if potty training) •Diaper Rash Cream and Medical Authorization Form filled out •Packed Lunch •Water Bottle


•Seasonal Gear •Blanket and Pillow •2-3 extra sets of clothes •Packed Lunch •Water Bottle


•A months worth of diapers • packages of wipes •bottles *(Note: Need to be cleaned and returned daily with nipple cover)* • 1 months worth of formula • Extra set of clothes kept in your diaper bag. • If your baby is 8 months (or older) a sippy cup •If your baby is 13 months, he or she may enjoy a blanket from home. Younger babies may have a sleep sack. •Diaper rash medication and filled out Medical Authorization from. •If your baby is 8 months (or older) food from home. *(Note: We are a Peanut free Preschool) * oThis can be baby food, powder cereals, fruits, or other foods that can be enjoyed. •A Jacket/Coat that is appropriate for the current weather.


•Seasonal Gear •Pillow and Blanket •Velcro Side Pull-ups •2-3 extra sets of clothes (including underwear) •Packed Lunch •Water Bottle

2. What’s Your Tuition Policy? Registration Fee - There is a one-time fee that is due prior to the child’s first day at LMMA-MC. - The registration fee can only be paid for via cash or check upon enrollment. - This fee is not refundable under any circumstances. -Children who pull out of the program for a specified or unspecified length of time will be required to pay a re-registration fee. Tuition Fees - It is our philosophy that clients are paying for the position their child will take in our center. This is not based upon attendance but rather on a set monthly fee that is due regardless of the attendance habits of the child who has the position. Our fee structure is based up on a tuition fee that is set by the center which is signed by the parent’s when enrolling their child in the program. If there is a change in tuition or any additional fees parents will be notified in writing 30 days in advance. Payment Policies and Procedure -Tuition is due the first of the month or date set by the parent and Administration. A late fee of $50.00 will be added if payment is not paid on time. Failure to pay on time may result in termination of services. No child’s account will be allowed to carry a balance unless arrangements have been approved by the Administration. -Clients may pay by check, money order, cash (no fee), or can pay by credit card (3.9% fee)/ACH bank transfer (.20 cent fee) via the Brightwheel app.

3. How do I let you know if my child will be late? -All children must be dropped off by no later that 9am or they cannot attend for the day. Exceptions can be made with approval from the office. -If your child is not going to be in attendance you can notify the office/ teacher via our Brightwheel app messaging.

4. Is it alright if I’m there a few minutes past pick up? Late Pick-Up Fee -There will be a $1.00 fee added per minute if the pick-up takes place after closing. The fee is non-negotiable and is the responsibility of all families. Parents or those picking the child up are required to call ahead if they feel they are going to be more than five minutes late. An attempt will be made to contact individuals on the emergency contact list after children have been left fifteen minutes past closing. Children left at the center later than one hour past closing will be considered abandoned and the Office of Children’s Services will be informed.

5. What happens if there is bad weather? -It is our belief that if a child is well enough to come to school, they are well enough to play outside. All children attending LMMA-MC are expected to play outside daily. Please dress your child appropriately and leave an extra pair of mittens and hat in your child’s cubby at school during the winter months. Children will have opportunities for outdoor play at least twice daily, weather permitting (10 degrees and above). On days children do not play outdoors, they will participate in indoor movement activities. It is strongly recommended that all clothing brought to the center be labelled with your child’s name. -In the event of an emergency closing and/ or inclement weather, parents will be notified of the closing by announcement via Brightwheel.

6. Can I still bring in my child if they are sick? -LMMA-MC is aware that keeping your child at home when they are not feeling well may pose problems. However, we must be concerned with the health and well-being of all children and adults who have contact with your child throughout the day. We ask that you consider how your child's health will affect others at the center each day. Please keep children who are possibly infectious at home, as you would want other parents to do with their children. -If you have any doubts in the morning about your child’s health, keep them at home or call for information. Exclusions from the Center -Severe discomfort, particularly in joints, ears, or abdomen -Acute diarrhea (2 or more episodes within 24 hours) -One or more episodes of vomiting with a 24-hour period -Severe coughing or sore throat -Temperature of 100.5 degrees or higher -Yellow skin or eyes -Red eyes with discharge -Infected, untreated skin patches or lesions -Difficult or rapid breathing -Sever itching of body or scalp -Skin rashes lasting more than one day -Swollen joints -Visibly enlarged lymph glands -Stiff neck -Blood or pus from ear, skin, urine, or stool -Behavior unusual for the child such as not playing etc. -Loss of appetite -Symptoms which indicated any of the following: •Chicken Pox •Impetigo •Lice •Scabies •Strep throat

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